Dachshund Longhaired Puppies for Sale

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Serve all of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona (West coast)


Various colors: Creams, shaded creams, cream dapples, black cream dapples, black & cream.

SERIOUS buyers please submit puppy questionnaire.

All DANVILLE DACHS sires and dams AKC registered.

All DANVILLE DACHS DNA tested, PRA clears, tested for merle (dapple)

Champions in pedigrees which facilitates conformation, health, coat.

Dam/sire PEDIGREES available to SERIOUS BUYERS.

FULL AKC breeding privileges' available.

PUPPY PACK: AKC paperwork, contract, health certificate, vaccination records, sample of food, toys, pee pads.

PRICE RANGE: $3000-$3800

NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE OF $1000 required to "hold puppy"

Breeder has "first pick".

Waiting list is in order of date of puppy questionnaire.

Puppies released to new home AFTER vet check, first puppy shot and 8 weeks old.

Thank you again for reviewing our website.   We hope we have provided some useful information. Please let us know if you are interested further and/or have any questions by filling out the contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: Effective 9-10-2020, RESERVATION FEE is $1000 and non-refundable.  It is not collected until the puppies are born and I have what you want.

Note: Effective 1-26-2021  Names are being taken by litter, in order of questionnaire received date.

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There are several different colors of creams: 

1. Shaded Cream (born dark, lighten to blonde)

2. Pale Cream (sometimes called "clear or ee")

3. Cream Dapple (spots fade)

4. Cream Brindle (I do not have these)

Here are some photos to help you.

These puppies already sold. They are shown here to illustrate the colors.

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Molly is the daughter of Sunshine and Banksy. She has passed her vet check.

The shaded creams are born dark and lighten to be blonde.

She should weigh about 12-13# when full grow.

$3500 price/$1000 deposit.

Molly has very beautiful features, long ears, nice head, rich coat. Full AKC available

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Clair De Lune and Tiny Jazzi litter, born 4-26-2022. These puppies should be on the small size, approximately 10# when grown, but not guaranteed. Both parents are on the small size. The puppies are of English Cream, descent

The shaded creams are born dark and lighten to be blonde.

$3500 price/$1000 deposit

Note: Three puppies sold,

two remain  available

(Gia & Tina)

clair litter 04262022.jpg

Tina is the daughter of Clair De Lune and Tiny Jazzy. 

The shaded creams are born dark and lighten to be blonde.

She should weigh about 10-11# when full grow.

$3500 price/$1000 deposit.

Her parents have been DNA tested. She is a PRA clear, non-merle. Full AKC available.

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Gia is the daughter of Clair De Lune and Tiny Jazzy. 

She will be small and weigh about 9-11# when full grow.

$3500 price/$1000 deposit.

gia 05082022.jpg

Note:  When I do not have puppies myself, occasionally I help out my reputable breeding friends and have posted photos of their available puppies.  These are AKC compliant breeders that take pride producing outstanding offspring, many times direct descendants of champions. Please let me know what puppy you are interested in (by name) on your contact application and I will provide the breeder information to you.  The breeders have requested SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. The transaction between a potential puppy buyer and the referred breeder (which is a separate and independent entity) is not the responsibility or liability of DANVILLE DACHS in any way, shape or form.  


Three puppies (littermates) are available in Southern California, specifically Apple Valley.

Shaded Cream Males $3500, deposit $750.

Chocolate Piebald Female 

$2800, deposit $750.

judi coco 05022022.jpg
judi tuffle 05022022.jpg
judi umber 05022022.jpg

Additional puppies available in Apple Valley:

Dapples and shaded creams are $3500, $750 reservation fee.

Pale cream is $3800, $750 reservation fee.

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dapple denny 05212022.jpg
aiden 05212022.jpg
edur 05212022.jpg

Longhaired Pale Cream females are available near Reno, Nevada.

Price is $2750 each, reservation fee of $500.

halsey 05212022.jpg
hazel 05212022.jpg