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Sires AKC Compliant

Our Sires will be used for breeding to our AKC Dams during the year. (They are not for sale or rehoming). As AKC Breeders, we take pride in our Champion Sires. Contact us regarding Stud Service in the future by filling out the Contact form. The Miniature Dachshund Long Haired English Creams have been outstanding. We serve the greater Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento areas as well as Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada, as well as many other states. 

CH. Sunshine's Regal Monarch in Paradise MLC (Junior) is second generation English Cream. He is considered a shaded cream. He has successfully sired several litters resulting in exceptional offspring. His temperament is outstanding.

Ay/At, B/B,D/d,E/E,N/S

DNA result: fawn and carries black and tan.

PRA Clear

Sire-Junior (Cream)

Champion Junior has retired in 2023.

BBD WROYAL TOPAZ IN THE SKY OF DIAMONDS (Thor) is a shaded cream and has been added to the breeding program. He is the son of SUNSHINES REGAL MONARCH OF PARADISE (Junior)  His temperament is outstanding. 

ay/ay, B/B, G/G,e/E,ky/ky,S/S,mm, hh, c/c. PRA Clear

He is a sable fawn with no merle.

thor 2023.jpg

TINY JASPER IN THE DIAMOND SKY (Jazzi) is a pale cream and has been added to the breeding program. He is the son of Thor and Dancer  His temperament is outstanding. He has sired several litters and they are all outstanding puppies, in structure and disposition. Jazzi is in California and has sired many beautiful litters. Shipping semen is  available.


Taxonyx Karonika "Ulysses" has joined Danville Dachs. He is in the process of DNA testing. His sement has been analyzed and has the volume, motility and mobility required for breeding. He is a "pale" ee cream with an outstanding personality. We expect breedings/litters in 2024.

ulysses 2023.jpg
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