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Dams AKC Compliant

Our AKC Dams will be used throughout the year to be bred with the AKC sires. (They are not for sale or rehoming). Danville Miniature Cream Dachshunds takes great pride in our Dams.  They have great temperament and are wonderful mothers.  Puppies are socialized and trained by their mothers continually. We breed them with our Sires and the offspring puppies that are for sale are high quality in coat and conformation.  We serve the Southern and Northern California area, cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento. We have sold puppies to Nevada, Washington, Arizona and Oregon, as well as the East Coast.

KARONIKA PEARL(South Africa) The daughter of Zuri and Sweet Dream of Karonika. She is a beautiful pale cream female. She was imported in 2021 

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PRA Clear

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